Volunteer event at The Alcove - May 25

Many thanks to our volunteers who helped with the spring cleaning of the yards and planting the gardens at the Alcove Addiction Recovery Centre for Women . The original date of the event had to be postponed, due to smoke, and was rescheduled to Thursday, May 25th. We had 6 volunteers: Judy Christensen, Pat Booker, Linda Huggins-Chan, Chris Jones, Graham Boje and  Denise Burzminski. It turned out to be a pretty perfect day to do the yard work and planting; not too hot and not too cold; no rain and no smoke, to speak of. Shelley, the Executive Director, and our host gave us an overview of the agency and a young woman presently in treatment (and about to graduate) told us her story. It was a great day! (for more information about The Alcove, click here Home | Alcove Recovery )

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