COVID-19 Information

We are providing this information to assist you with coping with the current pandemic in Alberta. Symptoms of common viruses are shown to the right, and ten tips for coping with the virus and government website links related to this pandemic are shown below.
Ten Helpful Tips: While the focus is on the ‘physical health’ impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, just about everyone is impacted emotionally. At times like this it is common to experience sleep problems, irritability, sadness, anxiety and fear. Those who may be especially vulnerable are people who are living alone, have existing mental health challenges, have family members who are at high risk – or are at high risk for COVID-19 infection themselves. These 10 tips have been put together by your team at Crowfoot Village Family Practice to help you during this time of stress and after the crisis has passed!

1. Minimize negative media exposure
It is possible to immerse yourself in potentially frightening news coverage 24/7 and this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. We recommend you set aside time to stay updated on the current state and use as your source of truth for covid information in Alberta. CVFP, your medical home will send out periodic updates to keep you informed.
2. Maintain a sleep schedule
If you are self-isolating, it’s easy to stay in your jammies, sleep in and power nap through the day. Wake up at a set time and try to go to bed at a regular hour. Minimize those daytime powersnoozes so you don’t impact your nighttime sleep
3. Maintain an eating schedule
It is easy to justify comfort eating and grazing all day long. Try to follow regular meal times and continue to make healthy choices. Remember, it is ok to indulge in some good chocolate once in a while but think portion control and moderation.
4. Do 30 minutes total of physical activity daily
Fresh air is great as Spring threatens to arrive! If you’re going out for walks remember physical distancing and watch those icy sidewalks and roads. There are some excellent online resources
for exercising in your home if you prefer. Remember, short frequent activity – say 10 minutes of yoga three times a day, is as effective as 30 minutes of continuous workouts.
5. Connect socially but safely
Your CVFP team encourages you to reach out to others while you are housebound. Texting, emailing, FaceTime and WhatsApp are all ways to reach out to people in your social circle. Even better – reach out to old friends who are likewise practicing physical distancing. Oh yeah…there is also the telephone!
6. Mindfulness and meditation
This can be especially useful for those whose minds are active with incorrigible COVID swirling thoughts – that often start when head meets pillow at night. There are many apps and webbased resources for people to help settle the active mind and focus on the here and now.
7. Laugh
Call up the old friend and riminess about happy times, silly adventures or funny stories from the past. Put on a humorous movie or tell a good joke. Laughter remains one of the best medicines – it’s inexpensive, has no side effects and no weight gain!
8. Fan your spiritual flame
If your belief system includes a divine being or faith in something ‘bigger’ than yourself – connect with that part of you and look to this for courage and meaning. Faith is source of strength and peace for many – if you are one who embraces this, it’s time to call on your faith to help guide the path forward.
8. Fan your spiritual flame
If your belief system includes a divine being or faith in something ‘bigger’ than yourself – connect with that part of you and look to this for courage and meaning. Faith is source of strength and peace for many – if you are one who embraces this, it’s time to call on your faith to help guide the path forward.
9. Practice healthy ‘self-nurturing’
What does this look like? Any activity which gives you positive energy and/or takes away stress. Some of our favorites? Walks in the sun. Warm baths. Foot massages from your partner. Belly laughs at funny movies. Losing yourself in a good book. Listening to your favorite music.
10. Do one positive thing a day
Write down one thing you are grateful about. Tell one person why they are special. Say ‘I love you’ to someone who already knows it. Better yet – tell somebody who needs strength that you care about them. Take your dog for a walk, scratch your cat’s chin or colour with the kids.
Together we’ll get through this and welcome the post-COVID adventure to come!
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has impacted everybody throughout Canada. Some people are more financially vulnerable than others. All levels of Government have devised Assistance Programs to help people adversely impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Programs have been created that offer a variety of help such as with small businesses, mortgage deferments, postponement of utility bills, RIF Withdrawals, or postponement of student loans. Here are a few Government links that are a useful starting point to find programs that may be of interest to you or family members:

The Alberta Provincial Government provides comprehensive support for people

adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Provincial Government also has emergency financial assistance program:

The Federal Government has created a COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. This may be of interest:
The Government has lowered the mandatory RIF Withdrawal for 2020 for those who wish to preserve more of the RIF’s Capital during volatile economic times. The mandatory minimum withdrawal has been lowered by 25%. For example, suppose the RIF rules require you to withdraw a minimum of $40,000 during 2020. The minimum withdrawal has now been lowered by 25% to $30,000. Here is the link to the Federal Government COVID-19 Economic Response Plan:

Banks and Financial Institutes are offering help with deferments of Mortgage Payments. Likewise Utility companies are offering help with deferring utility payments. Assistance can be obtained from the appropriate financial institution, utility company or municipality. The City of Calgary has a variety of assistance programs. A good starting point is:

The City of Calgary’s Programs for Seniors can be found at:

There are number of counselling agencies in the City such as The Calgary Counseling Centre:

Canmore has enacted a State of Local Emergency. People travelling to Canmore for non-essential business are advised not to enter Canmore and should return home. Signs are being erected at all entrances to Canmore. A
good starting link describing Canmore’s State of Emergency is at:


Please note: All National Parks are now closed:
Likewise, Alberta has closed all Provincial Parks. This includes Kananaskis. All parking lots and washrooms are closed. The public is allowed into the Parks only if they use non-motorized methods. The Government prefers that you stay home:

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) latest updates can be found at: .
The data behind the coronavirus outbreak in Alberta can be found at: .

Please monitor the Daily Updates from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal

Stay Safe!
Stay Smart!
Stay Healthy!
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