Summary of Club Activities
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Dinner Theatre

Join other members for a wonderful meal and show at a Stage West Dinner Theatre Matinee.

Typically there are one or two matinees selected annually.

As discounts become available members will be notified of the details via email.  For example discounts are offered to members for the Broadway Across Canada shows.

Disc Golf

A disc golf clinic was held in June 2023 for those members interested in learning disc golf or to improve their game.

Disc Golf is being coordinated by one of our SOTC members.

Fall Event

The luncheon or breakfast which is normally held in October is a popular event.  Members have a chance to socialize with friends, receive a nice meal and listen to a guest speaker.

Golf Tournament

One of the highlights of the SOTC calendar has been the annual golf tournament.  It was held with great success in 2023 and is currently planned for 2024.


Hiking is one of the outdoor activities organized by volunteers on a weekly basis between May and September.

Other outdoor activities, such as cycling days, boating days or overnight trips may be organized from time to time.


You can join others and play drop-in pickleball in the Kerby Centre gym every Monday and Thursday between 2:30pm and 4pm. Participants play on three courts for a cost of $3.00 per session paid to the coordinator on the day you play.

Tuesday Walks

Group half day walks (with minimum elevation) throughout Calgary pathways are being organized by SOTC members and are self-directed by the group participants.  
Volunteer Activities

Volunteer activities are organized throughout the year and give members an opportunity to come out and work in their community.
Wine and Cheese Socials

Three or four wine and cheese socials are held throughout the year. Each event normally has a theme and is limited to 50 people.

Red and white wines are selected for tasting and paired with cheeses. In addition there are snacks for everyone and non-wine drinkers are welcome!

Winter Activities

When the hiking season ends and snow conditions permit winter activities organized by volunteers begin on a weekly basis.

There are typically 2 snowshoe/icer groups and a xc skiing group. All those who have expressed an interest in participating will receive an invitation to all 3 activities and they can choose which they wish to participate in.

Some overnight trips may be planned and a downhill ski day on occasion.