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Thank you for visiting our site. The Shell Oiltimers Club (Alberta) is a social club based in Calgary (Shell Canada Head Office) for all Shell retirees (and their spouses). Any person or the surviving spouse of any deceased person who has retired from employment with any of the Shell Group of companies after service for a number of years sufficient to qualify for a company pension may become a member on one-time payment of the required fee. In the event of the death of a member, the member's membership will automatically pass to his/her surviving spouse (if applicable).  
If you need additional information about the Club, you can send us a request using the 'Contact Us' button above, or by contacting a member of the Executive at a telephone number listed on the Club Information page (use the 'Club Information' button to the left). If you wish to join the Club, details are shown on the on-line Club membership application form, which you can view by clicking the 'Join the Club' button at left. To join, please follow instructions on the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment of the required membership fee must be made by PayPal using the application form! If you have a problem with this, please use the 'Contact Us' button to send us details.
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A message from Ed:
It is with deep regret I wish to inform you that I am unable to continue in the position of Chairman - Communications and Membership Committee (responsible for this website, email communications and our membership records). Unfortunately, this is a result of irreconcilable differences with the board. In any case, since I have been responsible for these activities for 14 years, it is probably a good idea to get new blood on board. However, filling the various Executive and Committee positions has been a chronic and serious problem for the club ever since Royce Olson resigned as president many years ago. To ensure continuity and a vibrant club, we have embraced new technologies to lighten the load, and unfortunately many of the activities handled by volunteers at that time have devolved to the responsibility of this committee (me). In my opinion, unless the club has the involvement of many more members in managing it, it will fail - it is up to you. Thanks for your past support ...

Ed Huestis
  Current news and summaries of planned events are posted in the Current Club News section below. To access detailed club information at this website, log in below to the Member Services area - this will give you access to details about club events, meetings and activities; membership (including the Membership List); member news (including the Obituaries List); and current and archived newsletters.
Member Information:

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The club communicates with members by email. If we don't have your current email address, your membership status will be set to Inactive and we cannot send club information to you until we do!

If you can log in below, check your information in the Club members List and use the 'Personal Information Update' form to send us any changes. If you can't log in, use the 'Contact Us' button at the top of this screen so that we can check your information and answer your query.
When Replying to a Club Email:
Except for emails sent directly from a member of our Executive, we send out Club information using two basic "From" email addresses: a general address, and a notifications address. We can handle your reply if you reply to a general email, but for notifications, we are unable to respond (however, appropriate  reply information will usually be included in the body of the email). Please check the "From" address on any email from us before attempting to reply.
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Do you have New Information about a Member or Other Questions?
Please let us know using the 'Contact Us' button at the top of this page, or at the Directory page after you log in below, or contact the Communications & Membership Chairman directly.

Please remember that the Shell Oiltimers Club is only one of several Shell-related Canadian retiree Clubs, and the person you have information about may not belong to our Club. In particular, we only list the passing of our Club members in the obituaries listing. Before contacting us, please sign in to the Member Services area and check the Membership List to see if your information relates to a current member. For more information about our obituaries listing, please see the Member News page.
A Membership Guide is now available.
Use the button at left to download it and open it with the login ID as password. This guide contains a summary of
important basic information you need to know as a member of this Club.

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Current Club News: Please visit the Member Services  area for details.
Board Response to the COVID-19 Situation COVID-19:  25-Jan-21 UPDATE
The Board of Directors has once again reviewed the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on the Club, and we are continuing to suspend all Club events, meetings and group activities until further notice. We have no idea at this time when we will be able to resume them, but are hoping for later this year.

We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to our operations. We know you have probably been bombarded by news and recommendations about dealing with this virus, and can only wish you to be safe at this time. If you have any questions concerning club operations, please send us an email or use one of the Contact Us buttons.

We recently sent COVID-19 information and tips to members - if you wish, you can view these by Clicking Here.
and Meetings:
All planned 2020-21 member Events and Meetings are currently on hold (see above).

Registration and payment options for current Events and Meetings are shown with the advertising for each at the Events & Meetings page. Before attempting to register, please log in above, visit the Events & Meetings page and pay particular attention to the payment options explained in the advertising!
Club Sponsored
Club activities sponsored by the Club are the responsibility of the persons organizing each - please contact them for any change to current status.
Outdoor Activities

Walking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities are organized from time to time by various volunteers. If you are interested in participating in outdoor activities, please see the information on the Activities page or contact the Coordinator - Outdoor Activities (see the Club Information page).

Fuelling Kindness
Fuelling Kindness (formerly Days of Caring) activities are great opportunities to support our local community and make a difference while connecting with some of your fellow retirees.
The activity scheduled for April 1 at the Calgary Food Bank was cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation and will be rescheduled for a later date (more information at the Activities page).
Shell News: United Way Contributions:
To have your United Way contribution recognized and matched by Shell, you will need to be registered on the Shell Retiree United Way Campaign email list. When the campaign is active, instructions on how to do this are shown in the Bulletin Board section of the Member Services home page.

Retiree Contact at Shell:
Should you, as a retiree, have any questions related to retirement, please contact the Shell Benefits Centre toll-free at 1-877-550-3539 (1-416-390-2633 if outside Canada and the U.S.) from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Time. To access the Shell Canada Alumni website, please Click Here.

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Notices: Member News:
If you have any news you wish to post, you can do that here - see instructions on the Member News page.

Did you Know?
SOAR (Toronto) newsletters have been posted at this website since 2009. If you have an interest in what's going on with that Shell retiree association, you can download them from the Newsletters page in the Member Services area.
Recent Website Updates: 15-Apr-21 Updated Membership List posted
03-Sep-20 Updated Obituaries List posted

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